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Webinar: D.A. Carson on the Ordinary Pastor What does it mean to be an “ordinary pastor?” While our day has its share of well-known and gifted ministers, many more serve as faithful ministers who are not widely known as exceptional preachers or leaders. Today’s webinar is an...

Webinar: Raising Up Future Leaders

How can pastors and churches help raise up the next generation of future leaders? The Committee on Ministerial Care presents an insightful discussion between Danny Olinger, David VanDrunen and John Fikkert.

Webinar: An Overview of Sabbaticals

For Sessions considering a sabbatical for their pastor, this overview will provide helpful insights and practical steps from ruling elders, pastors and a deacon. Produced by the Committee on Ministerial Care of the Orthodox Presbyterian...

About Our Webinars

CMC produces quarterly webinars to help presbyteries, sessions, ministers and their spouses learn more about topics such as taxes, retirement, and personal stewardship. New Webinar dates and times are also announced on our home page under the “Announcement” section on the right.

Will I Ever Be Able to Retire

This webinar will be particularly helpful to those who are age 50 and older, or anticipate retiring from full-time ministry sometime in the next 20 years.

Retirement FAQ

1. Are OPC Pension Plan withdrawals taxable?

The OPC Pension Plan was replaced by the OPC 403(b) Plan, and withdrawals of money which was contributed on a pre-tax basis (which is generally the case) are considered to be taxable ordinary income, taxed at whatever your particular tax rate would be in the year of the withdrawal. The exception, as we noted in the webinar, is that under current tax law, a retired minister could be withdrawing as much as $21,000 per year (for 2018) and have it considered Housing Allowance, thus making those withdrawn amounts tax free. Finally, if someone has made Roth (after-tax) contributions to the 403(b) plan, they can withdraw Roth balances tax free.

2. Is the $21,000 maximum from OPC Pensions for housing only?
Yes, it can be used for housing-related expenses only. IRS Publication 517 covers the details of what qualifies. Although not mentioned in the webinar, the maximum amount that retired ministers can withdraw as Housing Allowance in 2020 will be $22,200.
3. What if you signed a Salary Reduction agreement all along?
By “Salary Reduction Agreement all along”, I’m assuming that you mean an agreement you had signed with your church whereby they reduced your salary by X amount and submitted that to the OPC Pension Fund/403(b) Plan? If that’s correct, than yes, you were making pre-tax contributions to your account at least during the Pension Plan era; commencing with the 403(b) Plan era, those salary reduction contributions could have been either pre-tax or post-tax (i.e. Roth).
4. What is the Standard Deduction at 65?
For your 2018 tax return, the Standard Deduction is $12,000 (single), $24,000 (married filing jointly), and an additional $1,300 per person if you are 65 or older. For tax year 2019, the amounts are $12,200 (single), $24,400 (MFJ), and still $1,300 per person if 65+.
5. If I have 40 quarters (of paying FICA/SECA taxes) and my wife does not, and I were to die, is she still eligible for Medicare?
Generally, yes. A widow can claim Social Security and Medicare benefits based on her husband’s deceased earnings record as long as they were married for at least 9 months. This would be true whether your widow had any credits of her own or none. Remarriage could alter how she qualifies.
6. What was the source that money must come from to transfer to the OPC 430(b) Plan?
In order to qualify to have withdrawals in retirement classified as Housing Allowance, the money would need to transfer from another 403(b) plan and be attributable to wages that were earned as a minister. You will need to attest to this on the Wipfli 403(b) Rollover Form. The OPC 403(b) Plan can also accept transfers from IRA’s and certain other retirement plans, but those amounts would not be eligible to later be withdrawn as Housing Allowance. Contact Benjamin Hayes or contact Dan Holdridge at Wipfli for further details.
7. Can I transfer money from a Traditional IRA into my OPC 403(b) account?
Yes. See answer to Question 6 above.