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How It Started

In 2017, the General Assembly established the Committee on Ministerial Care (CMC) for the purpose of providing general financial advice and ministries of encouragement and support to ministers of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 

The 84th General Assembly of the OPC established CMC to work on the following:

  • Maintain, manage, and provide oversight of the OPC Retirement Account.
  • Provide or recommend counsel and assistance in financial risk management (Health, Life, Disability, Counseling, and such other types of insurance as may be advisable).
  • Provide or recommend counsel and assistance in financial planning, including retirement planning and investment portfolio management.
  • Maintain, manage, and provide oversight of the OPC Obadiah Fund; and provide for the diaconal needs of all OPC ministers and their widows.
  • Consult with North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council churches and other churches of like faith and practice regarding their experience and best practices in the care of their ministers.
  • Inform presbyteries and local sessions of tools available for the care of their ministers.
  • Provide resources to congregations and presbyteries to improve the terms of calls.
  • Maintain denominational salary scale guidelines.
  • Maintain a voluntary and confidential database of OPC ministerial compensation.
  • Provide advice to the General Assembly regarding the Book of Church Order on retirement-related matters.
  • Provide financial instruction and counsel in educational venues; e.g., the Ministerial Training Institute of the OPC.
  • Assist presbyteries and sessions in considering other means of strengthening the care of ministers; e.g., ministerial mentoring, counseling, retreats, and sabbaticals.
How Do We Help Ministers & Their Wives?

CMC provides resources directly to ministers:

  • OPC Retirement Plan to save for retirement in a tax-efficient, low-cost, professionally
    managed 403(b) plan
  • Financial Planning assistance through online resources and advice from volunteer
    professional financial planners
  • Education through online resources, recommended books and webinars
  • Diaconal assistance for retired ministers and their widows through the Obadiah Fund (in consultation with presbyteries and local diaconates)
How Do We Help Local Congregations?

CMC works with local congregations to assist in the care of any ministers and ministers’ widows in their congregation:

  • Salary Scale Guidelines to help gauge the adequacy of the minister’s compensation
  • Advice on ministerial calls
  • Diaconal assistance for retired ministers and their widows
  • Resources and ideas to support and encourage your minister and his family
How Do We Help Regional Presbyteries?

CMC works with presbyteries to provide ideas, information and resources which may not be available in the regional church:

  • Assist Candidates and Credentials Committees in evaluating ministerial calls
  • Identify resources for ministers who seek financial planning assistance
  • Develop other means of caring for ministers, such as retreats, counseling, mentoring and sabbaticals
  • Work with Diaconal Committees to care for retired ministers and their widows using the Obadiah Fund

Left to Right: Greg De Jong, Ron Pearce, Darren Thole, John Hartley, Ken Vander Molen, Doug Watson, Richard Ellis, Brett McNeill, John Fikkert, John Hearn

Rev. John Fikkert

Mrs. Anneke Fesko

Care Coordinator Ministers' Wives

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