The Committee on Ministerial Care is concerned for the counseling needs of a minister and his family.  We are also concerned that the costs for counseling often exceed their insurance provisions and personal finance limits.

We believe that some of the time these counseling needs can be met at the local or presbytery level. However, at other times, a minister or a member of his family may need a confidential resource to work through a difficult problem.

As a result, we have developed a Counseling Request Form so that a minister can make a confidential request directly to the Committee in order to help pay for the costs of counseling.

In addition, the Committee on Ministerial Care has been at work assembling a list of counseling support options from a variety of counseling approaches that can match a minister or his family member with their preferred approach. Further, a number within our network of counseling resources are able to meet online or via teleconference. For those who prefer in-person counseling, the Committee is willing to partner with the minister in finding the best local option possible.

If you are a minister or a member of his family and would like help in finding a counselor, we would invite you to begin with a confidential consultation. This consultation will include understanding the counseling concern, identifying the type of counseling approach desired, and reviewing options to pay for the counseling. (We do not want cost to be a barrier to needed help, and will work to ensure ministers and their families get the help they need).

To begin a confidential consultation, please contact John Fikkert at (641) 651-0346 or email [email protected]